School Council

“At DSLV School Council, it is our aim to make DSLV a place where students don’t just need to go, but actually want to go. A place where all students know they will be listened to and where they feel they are able to approach any member of their school council, a place where student and teacher views are equal.”

This is the Mission Statement our student council came up with at the start of this year and shows how far they have come since their inception three years ago.  The School Council itself is comprised of number of students from each year.

Year 7

Cameron Jones, Willow Jones, Charlie Mullan, Joseph Congrieve Humpage

Year 8

Jaiden Santhiapillai, Mollie Bunting, Annabel Howe

Year 9

Keziah Middleton, Megan Hill

Year 10

Charlie Williams, Megan Livingstone, Esharveer Panesar, Luke Hill, Emma Wooff, Lauren Neal

Year 11

Lauryn Harrington-Carter, Katie Laurie, Callum Worster

Working groups meet regularly to discuss wide ranging issues within the academy from Fundraising and Canteens to Eco-School Accreditation and Anti-Bullying.  The whole School Council meet once a term to discuss progress and seek additional support and guidance from the rest of the group.  Minutes are then fed back to the whole school.

The School Council continues to develop in both skill and profile, and is working together towards gaining further national accreditations for the successful organisation and effectiveness of the Council.  This year will see DSLV School Council members take part in the Northamptonshire Shadow Board where pupils from School Councils meet from across the County.

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