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Children join DSLV Primary and Nursery from across the Daventry area and we currently have over 350 on role for Primary and Nursery.  As we are an all through 3-19 Academy, children will benefit from joining DSLV as it is one of a small number of all-through academies that exist nationally.  This means children can progress through the academy rather than having to change schools in Year 7 as has happened traditionally.  Staff and children are also able to make use of specialist Senior and Sixth Form facilities meaning that access to resources is excellent.

We have a uniform and expect all children to be smartly dressed and ready to learn at the start of the day.  Children are able to be on-site from 8.30am onwards.  .

Our Values

We expect all of our children to be the best they can be and know that this will only happen if they feel happy and supported in our academy.  At DSLV we use the words “nurture, aspire, achieve” as an important part of our identity and have a well-deserved reputation for inclusion and a focus on achievement and progress.

DSLV Primary and Nursery puts our values (belonging, friendship, respect, responsibility, independence, ambition) at the centre of what we offer, from assemblies to the curriculum and the playground.  Children are expected to treat each other with respect and older children act as playground “buddies” to demonstrate the responsibility that we have for each other.  We have an active student council where children discuss the operation and development of the academy.  Our system of rewards and achievements encourages all to do their best and means that children can receive regular praise for their progress and contribution to their class and the academy.

The class teacher is the key point of contact and parents should always feel confident about getting in touch if they have a question or would like to discuss the progress that their child is making.

Learning and Achievement

Our all through academy means that children can progress through the Key Stages without having to make difficult transitions to new schools which often mean a dip in progress and affect confidence and friendship groups. 

We support children to do well through a skills based curriculum structured through the academy. 

We make use of regular assessment to track the progress that children are making and report on this to parents through parent teacher consultations and annual reports.

Each Young Person Counts

DSLV Primary and Nursery is a holder of the Healthy Schools Awards.  We provide a variety of food  on-site and children are able to take part in a range of activities.  Their emotional and social development is important to us.  We have extensive support in place for children whether they simply need someone to talk to or need help with a specific aspect of their learning.  We believe that regular contact between families and the academy is essential in supporting children and offer frequent opportunities for parents to visit the academy, for instance, in our regular Class Assemblies.

Beyond the Classroom

We believe that it is important for children to be interested and involved in the classroom and beyond.  We offer a huge range of clubs and activities in which children can participate and develop their interests as they move through the academy.  We have breakfast clubs and lunchtime and after-school activities including a choir, various sports, film, art and more.  We run trips both locally and further away, including the opportunity to take part in a residential visit.  We also encourage our children to take part in community and national events and have a strong record for successful charity fundraising.

Changing the World

The world around us is changing rapidly and so do children as they progress through DSLV.  We aim to enable our children to develop the skills to work well with others, become confident, enjoy learning and be open to new experiences.  We use a range of new and developing technologies to encourage exploration, investigation and high standards of presentation.  Our all-through academy supports children through its curriculum, structure and organisation but also gives them opportunities to develop their skills, communication and thinking.

Joining DSLV Primary and Nursery is the beginning of an exciting journey that will ensure your child reaches their full potential and has all the skills they need to move onto their next challenge.

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Primary & Nursery t: 01327 313400 | e: enquiries@dslv.org.uk
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