ICT (2015 to 2017)

Key Stage 4 – European Computer Driving Licence & Certificate of Financial Education 

Qualification(s) that can be gained

 Students will be rewarded with TWO Level 2 qualifications (equivalent to two GCSE’s) which are graded from Distinction* - Pass (A*-C).

Students have been introduced to this course in Year 9 and will continue their work into Year 10, ECDL completion by Easter and then move onto Unit 1 of CFE with the expectation of completing CFE by Easter of Year 11.

Details of Assessment

ECDL is broken down into 4 units: Word Processing, Presentation Software, Spreadsheets and Improving Productivity each one must be passed to receive a grade overall. Students need 75% overall to reach the Pass (C) grade.

CFE – Students need to pass 3 mandatory units in order to achieve the qualification. The pass rate is 50% for units 1 and 2 and 50% in UMS for unit 3

Unit 1 – Finance, the Individual and Society: 20 multiple choice questions and 5 sets of stimulus material each with 3 associated questions (total marks 35/100)

Unit 2 – Practices of Managing Money: 15 stand-alone MCQ and 5 sets of stimulus material each with 4 associated questions (total marks 35/100)

Unit 3Financial Capability, Work and Enterprise: pre-release case study requiring written responses to 5 associated questions (total marks 27/100) .Spelling, punctuation and grammar to be marked through the written responses (total marks 3/100)

 Brief Outline of the Course

ECDL provides students with a sound understanding of the most common computer software packages used in the working environment – Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Students gain an insight into the many features and functions of these programmes and develop their skills in preparation for further education and employment. Students will complete ECDL in Year 10.

CEF provides students with an understanding of the economy, financial management skills, employability and enterprise. CFE introduces the student to the impact of finance on the economy and encourages them to consider how this can affect business and the individual. Through this it develops knowledge and a valuable range of applied and transferable skills and provides a foundation for further study in business and finance-related disciplines. Students will complete CFE by the end of Year 11

Key Stage 5 -  Level 2 BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in IT, Mobile Communication and Online Business

The level 2 course is an opportunity to boost the number of GCSE’s you have. This course is designed to give you the equivalent of 2 GCSE grades at ‘C’ or above. The level 2 course will only take one year to complete.

This course will be 4 units over one year – the units involve communication in it, employability skills, mobile communication and examining how businesses operate online.

The course will be a mixture of exams and coursework:

·         One unit is an external examination (16.5%)

·         Three units are coursework units (83.5%). Lessons will be on the DSLV campus and taught my Mr Waugh and Mr Burton

The completion of a level 2 course will lead to entry onto level 3 courses such as the Cambridge Technical course at DSLV.  Level 2 courses are a gateway to level 3 and potentially University.

Key Stage 3 - Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate Information Technology

The level 3 course is equivalent to an A-Level. This means that a Distinction is ‘worth’ the same UCAS Points (120 points) as an A-Level in IT. This course will be 5 units over the two years – the units involve:

·         The fundamentals of IT

·         Global information

·         Cyber security,

·         The internet of everything

·         System design and analysis.

The course will be a mixture of exams and coursework. Three units will be exams set and marked by the exam board (60%) and two units will be coursework (40%).

The completion of a level 3 course will probably mean you follow one of two pathways – either into training, possibly with an employer or more likely, University. Lessons will be on the DSLV campus and taught my Mr Waugh and Mr Burton

All level 3 courses are 2 year courses.



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