Friends of DSLV

 At DSLV we are very excited about setting up an active Parent and Teacher’s Association that will be committed to raising funds to help enrich the curriculum, improve the academy grounds and make the student’s experience of school even more enjoyable.

To be able to do this we need willing volunteers! I am not asking for huge amounts of time from you but it would be wonderful to be able have a group of people such as parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles who would be happy to give up an hour or two every now and then to help with an event to raise some money for the Learning Village.

Do you have any contacts? Do you work for a company that would be willing to help DSLV out with raffle prizes, auction prizes or sponsorship? As parents, you are in a fantastic position to help make a difference to our academy through your company.

Do you have any skills? Are you an artist, great sports person or just enjoy a hobby so much that you would like to share it? If you would be willing to give up an hour of your time, either regularly or occasionally to work with some children, we would be very appreciative.

Please contact us using the following email address: enquiries@dslv.org.uk  if you think you could help or for more information about Friends of DSLV.

We will keep you posted of upcoming meeting and events on this page.

Senior & Sixth Form t: 01327 313400
Primary & Nursery t: 01327 313400 | e: enquiries@dslv.org.uk
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