Business Studies (2015 to 2017)

GCSE Business Studies (Full Course)

Course components:

Unit 1 (413001) Setting up a Business - Written Paper ((1 hour)

60 marks / 40%

and the following:


Unit 2 (413002) Growing as a Business -   Written Paper (1 hour)

60 marks / 35%



Unit 3 (413003) Investigating Businesses - Controlled Assessment

40 marks / 25%

An exciting and dynamic subject, Business Studies relates to the real world of business and the community at large. Students are encouraged to learn from the world around them and there is also a focus on learning valuable work skills.

The first unit covers the setting up and management of a business and the different aspects of its operation. It also looks at managing people in the workplace, the production and marketing of products as well as financial issues related to setting up a business. The second unit looks at the same concepts, but in relation to growing and established businesses.

ICT is an integral part of the course and students will be encouraged to use and develop their ICT skills using a variety of applications.

The coursework element is a chance for students to carry out some independent research on a small business of their choice. The scenario set by the exam board differs for every cohort, in recent years topics such as: Promotion, Competitiveness and Location have been set.

British Values

British Values underpin many aspects of the course that we deliver within the Business department. As such, these themes recur in many topics that we teach. In Government and Politics at A Level, the areas of democracy, governing of markets and distribution of wealth are fundamental topics which are covered within the course. As part of our GCSE and A Level Business Studies courses, both Business Law and Employment Law are covered to some depth as well as the importance of these laws in determining British liberties and freedoms. In our recruitment units, we analyse the impact of mutual respect, tolerance and equal opportunities when working with employees. Discussions and debates on how different ethnic groups and religious beliefs help contribute to the overall success of the global economy are regularly witnessed within business lessons, these are key to students understanding how every individual has a place in today’s society.  

A LEVEL - Board:  AQA 1131/2131    

Business Studies is a very popular subject which attracts students with all varieties of backgrounds, aims and subject combinations.  It is one of the most varied and diverse subjects available, offering an insight into the many aspects of business and an appreciation of the influence exerted by the external environment on businesses and the marketplace. Due to the variety of topics covered, an A Level in Business Studies provides an excellent opportunity for students to progress to Higher Education qualifications in Marketing, Finance, Business, Management, Human Resources, Economics or any combination of these subjects. It is also one of the most useful A levels in preparing the student for a career in business and management.

Newspaper and television headlines offer continual reminders of how relevant the business world is to all of us. In recent years much attention has been directed to such issues as the troubles caused by the strong £ and the UK’s role in the European Union.  Longer term issues include the continued decline of British manufacturing industry, business and the environment and the impact of new technologies on business and working lives.  All these issues are relevant to our subject area.

Students studying Business Studies will develop an understanding of how businesses successfully operate in today’s highly competitive markets. It will allow the students the opportunity to develop their analytical and evaluative skills while studying the different departments and functions to be found within businesses. Students will leave the course with a sound understanding of marketing, accounting, human resource management, production, external economic consideration, and the European Union and business structure.

Syllabus and Assessment: - Each module is assessed by an examination.


AS Units


AS Level

A Level

Unit 1:

Planning & Financing a Business


Written exam -1 hour 15m

Explores the issues of entrepreneurship, raising and planning investment, understanding & researching markets, legal structures and employment




Unit 2:

Managing a Business


Written exam - 1 hour 30m

Explores financial management, managing people & operations, competitive environments and the many facets of marketing





A2 Units


AS Level

A Level

Unit 3:

Strategies for Success

Written exam - 1 hour 45 mins

Extends the topics covered in AS units to analyse the various aspects of business strategy





Unit 4:

The Business Environment & Managing Change

Written exam - 1 hour 45 mins

Again extends the work of AS units to analyse external influences on business objectives and how resulting change can be successfully managed





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